• "We absolutely love the photos Jo took of Piper (and our family one).

    Everyone was professional through the whole process. It was such a tough decision choosing which of the photos to buy as there were so many that we would have happily put on the wall. We get so many comments from people about the quality of the image and the way Jo truly captured Pipers personality within those photos.”

    Bridget Alexander - May 2018
  • "We really enjoyed the experience of having our family photos taken with you.

    We treasure the images we have, you did a great job and really connected with our little family. The photos you captured of Hugo were amazing. Thank you.”

    Kate Weaver - February 2018
  • "We are delighted with our family photos taken by Jo.

    Such a large group was not easy to organise but Jo and Kerry managed us all very professionally. Thank you so much the portraits look amazing”

    Lyn Cawson - November 2018
  • "It can be a big deal deciding on a photographer but I can make it easy for you – book Jo!

    Someone gave me some good advice in the run up to getting married and that was to ensure we had a really good photographer so when the memories fade you have beautiful photos to treasure. It can be a big deal deciding on a photographer but I can make it easy for you – book Jo!

    Not only was she really professional to work with before, on and after the big day, the photos were just beautiful and really captured the various elements of the whole day. I often get the album out just to relive the day!"

    Kate & Dan Carter
  • "We are so thrilled with our image from Jo and can't believe she managed to capture what looks like a tranquil moment when it was actually only a split second, before Jasper was running around again.

    Jo was super experienced and calm with the kids, which resulted in some truly special photos. We will definitely return to Jo in the future for a family session. Thank you!”

    Sara-may Buchanan - January 2018
  • "Our baby photos are something we will treasure forever and Jo has provided us with the most beautiful photos and made the whole experience exceptional.

    She is a photographer who has the ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease. She was so patient with our baby’s needs, so it never felt rushed. I would totally recommended Jo to any family. We will definitely use Jo again in the future."

    Chelsy Blair
  • "Thank you for the second set of the most beautiful photos of my kids (and me)

    You are a wonderful photographer even with the challenges we present and the result is always far better than my wildest dreams, let’s see if I can get them back for a third set."

    Tina Bartlett - February 2019
  • "I would like to express my complete satisfaction regarding the outcome of my experience with your organisation from first contact until the job was completed.

    The finished photograph was pleasing to me but more importantly to my family.Keep up the standards you have created.”

    Neil Douglas - October 2018
  • "The service and experience provided was stellar.

    From the booking, initial meeting and photo shoot you provided an excellent experience. We are very happy with the portraits.”

    Kevin Singh - September 2018
  • "We thought the experience that you offered was unique and fulfilling.

    It was probably something that we wouldn’t have done without the invitation, but we are both really pleased with the results, and have the photo’s on the wall to treasure."

    Ian Inglis - February 2019
  • "We would like to say thank you for our recent photo shoot.

    My boys and I were made to feel comfortable throughout the photo session and presentation. Great photos for the future. Thanks also to Continental Cars who were very generous to sponsor the idea.”

    Darrell Smith - October 2018
  • "We recently had Jo Head Photography take some photos of our family prior to our son leaving to go on his Gap year.

    We had an extremely positive experience during the shoot. Jo made us all feel very comfortable in an unfamiliar environment and this has been reflected in the quality of the images produced. We are delighted with the images and look forward to hanging them in pride of place in our new home.”

    Melissa Fletcher - November 2018
  • "We really enjoyed the experience of working with Jo.

    She captured our family perfectly and we love our photographs.”

    Sarah Friis - June 2018
  • "My session with Jo and Kerry made me feel like I was hanging out with good friends, lots of laughter and smiles when we did the photo shoot.

    Originally I was going to get photos of just myself, but they had the grand idea to bring in my dog (Poppy) with me and now I have a series of fabulous pictures on my walls. Taking the pictures with Poppy and Jo provided a lot of entertainment for all of us, and the pictures came out stunning. Hardest part was working out which pictures to keep as I really would have liked to get them all. A great experience overall and I certainly would recommend it." 

    Jade Becroft - June 2019
  • "We couldn’t speak more highly of of Jo and her team!

    Jo was very professional and amazing with my teenage children! We couldn’t be happier with the photographs! ”

    Joanna Chaplin - November 2018
  • "We really enjoyed the photoshoot with Kerry & Jo

    They are very professional and managed to shoot the perfect photos even though my baby was in a bad mood at the day! We look forward to another photoshoot with Jo's team later this year, it's something that we want to do annually!"

    Cynthia Lam - March 2019
  • "The photoshoot was so enjoyable!

    Jo took the time to talk to each of the girls individually to see what sort of characters they were and the results of the photos taken in the Domain are wonderful - really captured the girls. The photos are much admired by everybody and you have been highly recommended!”

    Sally Jarman - March 2018
  • "It was a fantastic experience. Jo was brilliant with the kids and captured some magical shots

    We have people constantly commenting on when they visit my house . The location of the Domain was perfect and the kids really enjoyed the experience. I’ve already recommended your services to others."

    Jo Bell - February 2019
  • "Had an amazing experience at Jo Head -

    1) booking with Continental coupon - super easy 2) Jo's photo session - makes me feel immediately at home and relaxed ready to take on the challenges of smiling at the camera, Jo is professional ,friendly and warm 3) Photo review session - couldn't be more happy with how the photos turn out - natural and so me 4) Follow up with Jo's team - smooth and seamless These will be lasting images that will bring back good memories for my children.”

    Vivian Lam - December 2018
  • "Jo is delightful to work with and people warm to her quickly. She works with speed and manages to capture just that right ‘moment in time’.

    Jo has worked as one of the main photographers for Little Treasures magazine for the last five years. Her relaxed style and charm with parents, children and people from all walks of life has always resulted in beautiful, candid and very natural photos – so perfect for our magazine.

    Jo is delightful to work with and people warm to her quickly. She works with speed and manages to capture just that right ‘moment in time’. I highly recommend her for any photographic assignment as she is very skilled in her trade with both lighting and composition and can tackle any photographic task”.

    Penny Owen – Art Director, Little Treasures Magazine
  • "Me and my family had a wonderful experience and treasured memories.

    Jo captured all 9 of us in wonderful photographs and she has an uncanny ability make people relax and smile. her composition is superb. Thank you for all your efforts. ”

    Pree Lecamwasam - November 2018
  • "The entire experience of having a precious family photograph was made very special by you all.

    You put us at ease which is reflected in the lovely photos. The photos were themselves fabulous and they decorate our family room. Thank you for the experience and we highly recommend you to others.”

    Bhavani Peddinti - October 2018
  • "Our family really enjoyed this experience, it was very new to us all.

    We all loved each and every one of the photos and felt it captured the essence of our family really well. We have a lovely family photo proudly hanging in the entrance of our home which every one of our guests admired and we ourselves cannot get over. It is definitely something we would do again in a few years as our family grows.”

    Tanvir Kaur - August 2018
  • "It was a fantastic experience for my family and Sarah (a Jack Russell Terrier) to have Jo take our picture.

    It was a first time for Sarah to be taken pictures at a studio and she was a little nervous at first. But thanks to Joe, she was so friendly, Sarah could quickly relax and enjoy the time. Jo has taken various moments like unusual noble-face Sarah and naughty busy usual Sarah. The framed photo is gorgeous, and we put it on the wall in the living room. Thank you very much."

    Kayo Takahashi - February 2019
  • "Firstly our first visit to your studio for the photo session was great, very relaxed and friendly but professional and both Panda and I really enjoyed our time with you both.

    Our second visit to choose a selection of images was difficult, there were just too many lovely ones. However with Jo's experience and assistance we were able to choose a selection which will be treasured. Thank you.”

    Bruce - December 2018
  • "We love the images produced by Jo Head Photography who captured some beautiful moments of our family during a sensitive time.

    The photos are arranged in our living room and remind us of the journey we’ve been on together.”

    Kat Trevor - March 2019
  • "The photo shoot we had with you last year is very good..

    A cherish time for our family, thank you."

    April Jing - February 2019
  • "Working with Jo was such a fun experience for us.

    We developed a real rapport with her which is reflected in the wonderful photos now treasured by us.”

    Michael Moore - October 2018
  • "Jo and her amazing little team impressed us from the first point of contact to the last.

    Jo has an incredible ability to make little ones and adults feel at ease, to capture such gorgeous, fun and loving photographs to treasure forever. Thank you so much.”

    Kate Fitzgerald - January 2019
  • "Jo Head provided photos of my family that we will cherish for years to come.

    They are exquisite in quality which shows why she is considered one of the best in the field. Our guests all comment on how beautiful the photos are and ask who took them."

    Anthony Burgess - February 2019
  • "Our family enjoyed our time with Jo Head Photography.

    From the initial booking with Kerry, to the photography session, to the aftercare choosing and receiving the photos, we felt relaxed and well taken care of. Jo has a wonderful way of putting you at ease and she takes the most stunning images. My 5 year old daughter loved the experience so much she asked if it was something she could every week?! We are so happy with our pictures we will be back to do more in the future. Thanks Jo and Kerry."

    Shannon Hemphill - February 2019
  • "We wouldn’t have had pics taken if it wasn’t for the offer from Audi and yourselves but we are really glad we did.

    Jo has captured both Taylor and Piper in such a natural way and in one of our favourite places that we go to almost daily with Piper. The photos take pride of place in our home and I know we will treasure them more as Taylor gets older.”

    Karen West - August 2018
  • "Wonderful couple who made us all feel completely at ease on the day.

    Both so professional, patient with lovely sense of humours. The images were amazing and emotive, and it made it so tough to select just a handful to keep! Would highly recommend Jo and Kerry.”

    Anna Gordon - June 2018
  • "We are extremely happy with the family photos Jo took for us. We all love the photos very much.

    Both of you have demonstrated high skills , patience. We look forward for our next photo sessions when the kids grow a bit older.”

    Jasmin Wang - February 2018
  • "Thank you for the fantastic photos you shot of us in Cornwall park last year.

    The outdoor setting was a fun experience and we got some great photos. Your professionalism and quality of the photos we received completed our family experience.”

    Zahin Jalil - March 2018
  • "Jo created a wonderful portrait experience for our family.

    She was professional, warm and highly experienced in getting the right shots. Jo made us feel at ease during the session and the kids had a lot of fun. We are grateful to her for capturing a moment of time in our lives."

    Bridget Little
  • "We were delighted with our family portrait thank you.

    It was a lovely experience and we treasure the portrait that although wasn’t that long ago, already the children have grown and changed. Obviously I am not getting any older 🙂 As a mum we take pictures of our children all the time, but lovely to have one of all of us and looking so natural and relaxed.”

    Melanie Rees - January 2018
  • "Just a quick note of appreciation from the Harvey family now that the prints of our grandchildren are hanging and being admired.

    We are particularly grateful for your fitting in with our granddaughters tight schedule in her Xmas break from university in California and also the empathetic handling of our Aspergers grandson.The Lime scooters were a master stroke -just what were needed to entertain seven teenagers. Many thanks again.”

    Peter Harvey - December 2018
  • "We have greatly appreciated your humanity and professionalism in getting 6 members of our family plus two dogs to come together happily at your direction to take family photos

    These were superb. Everyone looked their best both as individuals and more importantly as members of a family. Trying to get people from three continents together was tricky and you both went out of your way to facilitate this by changing the photo shoot booking on numerous occasions to suit us. Your relaxed professional manner allowed the day to flow smoothly with no one one feeling rushed or pressured in any way. You quickly assessed the different personalities involved and used this to develop a deeper understanding of them made manifest in your photos. Over the last year we have had a number of close friends who have faced life changing events and the importance of investing time and money into having a set of family photos celebrating family was brought home to us. Once again thank you for your professionalism, warmth and depth of human understanding.”

    Vania Falkov - January 2019
  • “We loved the whole process, from start to finish, it was stress-free and fun".

    Jo, you were fabulous with Max, putting him at ease from the start and the results really showed in our images. Thank you for your great work, we couldn’t wait to get them up on the wall. They look fantastic – perfect!”

    Craig and Anna Miller
  • "Firstly, it was fantastic of Continental Cars Audi to give us a sizable voucher to use at Jo Head Photography.

    In turn the photo session was exceptionally good, especially since we used it to have photos of our dog Bistro. The session was great and relaxed (even for Bistro) and we ended up having an amazing array of excellent photos to choose from, ranging from fun to formal. All the contact with Jo and the team was very friendly and professional and the final photos we chose look incredibly in the formal lounge and have received a large number of flattering comments. An excellent experience and a great result.”

    David Pearson - June 2018
  • "My fiancé and I had enjoyed the photoshoot with Kerry and Jo!

    Started off with some casual shots so we were both much relaxed in the photos. Photos came out great and natural. They were both professional and enthusiastic, love their work!”

    Alice Wong - September 2018
  • "Thank you so very much for the incredible family portraits you managed to capture of the family!

    Such precious moments are now living for a lifetime along the walls of our home. They are absolutely gorgeous of the kids - amazingly showing their own individual characters perfectly, and our family portrait is just perfect. You and your team were such a dream to work with - the whole experience just wonderful, (couldn't you tell from how emotional I was at the viewing!). I can't thank you enough."

    Rebecca Kimpton
  • "It was a wonderful experience for both Sen and I.

    The photos were all so good that they were hard to choose from! Thank-you so much for putting us at ease!"

    Ann Smart - February 2019
  • "When my son made a surprise trip home from London for my 60th birthday and my other son had just finished his degree and living at home I thought it would be a great opportunity to use the voucher from Continental for Jo Head Photography.

    We’d never had a family portrait done, something I’d always regretted. I contacted Kerry giving him very little notice as they were about to close for the Christmas period. He couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating and squeezed us in as the last job for the year. We met at Narrow Neck beach, which is the most beautiful location and suited the style of the informal type of photos we wanted. Jo is an incredible director and we all felt comfortable in doing exactly what she told us – and the outcome was that we ended up with some fabulous photos that we were all delighted with. At the viewing session we enjoyed the process of choosing images and how we could best use them, helpfully guided by Jo. We’ve ended up with some portraits and an album that we will treasure for ever. We are very grateful to Kerry and Jo for making it such an enjoyable experience.”

    Fiona Nugent - December 2018
  • "It was a pleasure to spend a morning with Jo and Kerry.

    They made the photo shoot really easy and comfortable for us. We love the photos and were well looked after during the selection process.”

    Ray Law - January 2019
  • "Jo Head has produced some stunning photography for Little Treasures magazine.

    We love her fresh, candid approach to photographing children. She is skilled at encouraging kids to work well with the camera and quickly captures images that are real and relaxed, as well as technically excellent."

    Rosemary Barraclough – Editor, Little Treasures Magazine
  • "I would recommended Jo Head Photography without hesitation.

    Jo and Kerry were extremely professional to deal with and Jo is a very accomplished photographer; which is evident in her work. I had many beautiful photos of my oldest daughter (as she is a international model), but no quality photos of my youngest daughter Danielle who is in her teens. But thanks to the wonderful work of Jo Head Photograph, I now have equally stunning photos of both my daughters to cherish for life.”

    Teresa van den Anker - October 2018