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  • How much is the portrait session fee?

    The portrait session fee is $295 and needs to be paid for in advance to secure your booking.

    You then can purchase your prints, framing, canvas or albums at your ordering session. If you would like to view our Price list for any of these products please contact us and we can send one out to you straight away to have a look through.

  • How long is a typical portrait session?

    We aim to have a relaxed session with you with no time pressure. As mother of three myself I am well aware that children need time. So if they need a break – we take one. I do not overbook myself so that I have plenty of time to dedicate to your family. But typically portrait sessions will usually last around one and a half to two hours, but as I have said there is no set time limit. This is also usually dependent on the age of the children. Younger children will often need more time than say teenagers.

  • What should we wear to my session?

    It is best to stay with simple styles for a clean classic look or you can always choose to wear clothes that reflect your personality. Avoid logos, loud patterns and stripes as they detract the viewer from the subjects, keep to solid colours if you can.

    If everyone is in a similar tonal range it will really enhance the look of your images. Feel free to bring one other outfit if you would like to change to a different look during your portrait session.

    Being comfortable is always important so that you feel relaxed which then reflect in your images.
  • What if we want a location shoot but don’t know where to go?

    No problem!  We are happy to talk through location options with you. We have an extensive location image library that we refer to all the time to assist our clients.

  • When should I schedule my newborn portrait session?

    To achieve those sleepy maluable shots of newborns you should come in for your session within the first 10 days.  After 10 days newborns tend to sleep less and it is not so easy to get those type of shots. But every age in a baby is gorgeous. Every month has a different milestone to celebrate! So if you don’t make it in those first 10 days don’t dispair!

    If you are determined to try for those very newborn shots make sure you book while you are pregnant, well in advance. We can always move the shoot if your baby doesn’t come at the expected time!

  • When do I get to see my images after my shoot?

    We carefully edit each image from your session so that you can enjoy the highest quality. We usually schedule your ordering session to view your images in our studio a week after your shoot.

    We will always try to make that appointment with you at the end of your shoot. So don’t forget to bring your diaries!

    If it is possible it is better for  you to try to find alternative care for your children when you come to your ordering session. This enables you to sit back and enjoy the photography and when it comes to the decision making it is a lot easier for you when you can have uninterrupted focus!

  • Can I order prints online?

    When you come in for your ordering session we will go through all the images with you. We take as much time as you need. There is no pressure.

    We have a fantastic ordering software which makes the process simple and transparent.
    You will be able to look at your images within different layouts, look at the images at the exact size that you are looking to purchase. You can also send us an image of the room you want to hang your piece of art and we can bring up that image and place the image on your wall so you can see what it will look like in your home. It makes it very easy to see just what size is going to look great on your wall.

    This is when you will order your images. After your ordering session your images will be uploaded to your own private gallery on our website where your friends and family can view your images and order reprints.

  • Can we have a digital file of all the images?

    For portrait sessions you can choose to purchase all the presented images from your viewing session for $2995.00.

  • Can I order individual digital images?

    You may purchase individual images at the price of a 14 x 9 inch print. When you purchase a 14 x 9 print or larger, we now offer a complimentary web-sized, watermarked digital file for your online use.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes! We love to get referrals from you and we want to reward you for doing so! We will send you a $60 gift certificate to use towards your next purchase with us when a client who you have referred to us books their portrait session.

  • Do you offer Gift Certificates?

    Yes, you can purchase a Gift Certificate in any amount.