imagery that celebrates family, life and the love between you


portraits that celebrate who you really are


Jo Head Photography is the perfect choice for those who cringe at the thought of ‘cheesy’ family photography. Forget matching family outfits, stagey studio lighting and bland beige backdrops. As a documentary photographer, Jo will create stunning images of your family using natural light and a photojournalist’s eye.

“The best images are created in those spontaneous moments. I never want people to look staged. I love photographing children outside wherever possible, and capturing ‘real’ moments that are just like the photo’s you’d take your yourself… if you were a highly skilled professional with 20 years experience!”

Jo will come to your house and run around the backyard with the kids to get a brilliant action shot, or follow your family to a favourite beach or park.



“As a documentary photographer, I believe in getting out of the studio as much as possible. Families look fantastic in their home environment – everyone’s more comfortable, and the end result is more natural. I’m a big fan of natural light so I love photographing portraits outdoors.”

“Through my images I want to celebrate who you really are. I have a very relaxed style, allowing even the most camera-shy to be put at ease! The whole experience should be fun and enjoyable, resulting in gorgeous images that will be passed down the generations of your family.”

Most importantly, Jo wants you to end up with incredible images that you love so much you’ll hang alongside your art collection.